Chef Marcos Campos, born and raised in Torrente, Valenciana, Spain, began his culinary career at his father's butcher shop at the young age of 15. After attending the Universidad Laboral de Cheste in Valencia, Campos moved to Las Pedroñeras, Cuenca, Spain to work at the Michelin-starred restaurant Las Rejas under Chef Manolo de la Osa. In 2012, Campos was hand-picked by Bonhomme Hospitality to become Executive Chef at Black Bull, where he explores the exquisite products and flavors found throughout Spain with a variety of dishes that represent the essential pleasures of his country’s traditions. Campos recently helped open Bonhomme Hospitality's newest venture, Beatnik, catapulting his career in Chicago even further. As Executive Chef of Beatnik, he has cultivated the international dinner party environment with a Mediterranean-focused menu, incorporating flavors from Korea, Morocco, India and more, as well as a dynamic brunch menu.

Black Bull