Damian Arms began his career with the Marriott in 2007 when he accepted a server position at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay in California. Damian quickly rose up to become a fine dining waiter at their prestigious Navio restaurant under 5th generation French Master Chef Xavier Salomon. While at Navio, Damian began to develop his interest in wine and spirits under one of the world’s youngest Master Sommeliers, Ian Cauble. Damian began considering a move behind the bar when Illinois’s award winning mixologist Bridget Albert came to give a training session about cocktails and spirits. From that point on, he dove into the profession. He found the deep history and stories behind cocktails and the people who created them incredibly fascinating. He began buying one cocktail book, then another and before long a library of books emerged. Furthering his desire to know more, Damian began taking every certification exam he could find, from wine to beer and of course spirits. He completed the BarSmarts Advanced Live exam, notably being the only person in his class to pass both the written and practical exams in the top 5. While Damian was never fortunate enough to study under the guidance of a mentor, he learned from a distance from iconic bartenders in the United States and abroad, utilizing every opportunity and resource to learn not only the art of the mixed drink but the business of bars and hospitality. When he is not “behind the stick” Damian is busy raising his two toddlers Ellis and August with his wife Joan.

JW Marriott